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You call is conidntial, and th’s npssu tcommit ttatmnt until you’ ady. As a voluntay acility, w’ h thlp you hal — on you tms. Ou sol ocus is gtting you back tth halthy, sob li you dsv, and w a ady and waiting tansw you qustions concns 24/7.

Bnzodiazpins such as tiazolam and midazolam nacotics such as oxycodon and codin.

Baclon blongs ta class dugs calld muscl laxs. A class dugs is a goup mdications that wok in a simila way. Ths dugs a otn usd ttat simila conditions.

Disclaim: Ou goal is tpovid you with th most lvant and cunt inomation. Howv, bcaus dugs intact dintly in ach pson, w cannot guaant that this inomation includs all possibl intactions. This inomation is not a substitut mdical advic. Always spak with you halthca povid about possibl intactions with all psciption dugs, vitamins, hbs and supplmnts, and ov-th-count dugs that you a taking.

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concurrent use with baclofen and antihypertensive agents may result in additive hypotension.

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