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But the month before martinez s article appeared, the agency did revisit advair s broadly worded label.

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Dnot stop using this mdicin oth asthma mdicins that you docthas pscibd you unlss you hav discussd this with you docto.

This mdicin may act blood suga and potassium lvls. I you hav hat disas a diabtic and notic a chang in th sults you blood uin suga potassium tsts, chck with you docto.

I you think th has bn an ovdos, call you poison contol cnt gt mdical ca ight away. B ady ttll show what was takn, how much, and whn it happnd.

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strangely enough, my emergency inhaler, proventil albuterol , costs me more than advair, even though its full price is only 75.

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